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GhanaWeb, AAG partner to develop Ghana’s advertising, marketing industry

GhanaWeb, AAG partner to develop Ghana’s advertising, marketing industry

Ghana’s leading digital news and online advertising portal, GhanaWeb, has entered into a partnership with the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) to help improve Ghana’s advertising industry with thought leadership and knowledge exchange about marketing and advertising.

Through its representatives, Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Ghana Ltd. (ADPU), GhanaWeb will provide advertising and marketing solutions like the GhanaWeb Reporter, GhanaWeb Business Pages and GhanaWeb TV to AAG to enhance knowledge exchange and education on marketing and advertising among others to its members and any marketing and advertising professional.

Mr. Ekow Blankson, Commercial Manager of ADPU and GhanaWeb’s representative expressed the need for Ghana’s advertising and marketing industries to embrace digital transformation and catch up with all the opportunities that technology provides to marketing and advertising.

“As an intermediary in-house agency for the AfricaWeb Group, ADPU will offer tailor-made advertising solutions to other agencies and their clients and work together with the AAG. As a thought leader in digital innovations, ADPU, representing GhanaWeb, can be reached to provide solutions to bugging problems in digitalisation and to drive the speed and ease of product offering to customers,” he said.

Mr. Francis Dadzie, the Executive Director of AAG was enthusiastic about the collaboration with the hope that advertising agencies would benefit from the digital innovations of GhanaWeb.

“This collaboration would give us the opportunity to reach a wider audience and get us a trump card of the digital innovations of Ghana Web, expand and satisfy our clients,” he said.

The long-term partnership would see GhanaWeb promoting the activities of the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG), effective research work of its members, and sharing new trends and tips to educate and improve the marketing and advertising knowledge of its members and the general public.

Marc Stubbé, AfricaWeb Group CEO endorsed the partnership of GhanaWeb and AAG which he believes will foster the growth of both parties.

“Technology and digital developments have a big impact on the marketing industry worldwide. Advertising has become more data-driven and shows real-time results. We want to support the need for education and knowledge by making some of our digital assets available to AAG, which is the authority and advocate for developing the advertising and marketing practice in Ghana. We will be helped as well by doing this since more knowledge and understanding will also increase the appreciation of the innovation that GhanaWeb brings to the advertising community in Ghana,” he said.

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About GhanaWeb

GhanaWeb is Ghana’s leading digital news and online advertising portal democratising journalism, promoting freedom of expression, empowering content creators and driving business growth.

The open platform launched in 1999 operates under the laws of the Netherlands, a legal setup that allows Ghanaians to express themselves freely through opinion articles, multimedia content and comments.

The platform also hosts millions of user-generated content published through the GhanaWeb Reporter which is a digital media sharing platform integrated into the GhanaWeb App to give citizen journalists and content creators direct access to publish a wide range of local content.

Under the AfricaWeb umbrella, GhanaWeb has launched digital product innovations including the GhanaWeb TV, GhanaWeb Reporter, GhanaWeb Club, GhanaWeb Memorial, and GhanaWeb Business Pages among others.

GhanaWeb is very popular among Ghanaian migrants in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. These loyal visitors and the millions of readers in Ghana have made GhanaWeb the most popular news website in Ghana and the third most visited website in the country after Google and YouTube.

About Advertising Association of Ghana

The Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) is the industry body and professional institute for Ghana’s thriving and highly potent advertising and marketing communications business. AAG advises, analyzes, comments, educates, informs, inspires, innovates, lobbies, promotes, sets standards and rewards marketing communications that work. The AAG is a non-profit making organization and is funded by member subscriptions.

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